Inaugural State Launch Event

Date: Sunday | 4th Aug 2019
Time: 6:00 PM – 8:30 PM
Venue: Hotel Holiday Inn | Jaipur

Organizing Partners
Dr. S.K. Sarkar – Consultant Thoracic Surgeon, Dr. S.K. Sarkar's Chest Clinic, Jaipur & Clean Air Champion, Rajasthan
Dr. R.P. Meena – Department of Pulmonology, ESI Hospital, Jaipur & Clean Air Champion, Rajasthan
Dr. Bhanwar Lal Yadav – Associate Professor of Surgery, SMS Medical College

Brief Program Report

The DFCA Rajasthan Chapter launch was attended by over 150 people from across Jaipur and some other cities of Rajasthan including Doctors with different specialization, educators, along with many people. Shri. Vishnu Lata, Mayor of Jaipur graced the program as the chief guest and sat through the entire proceedings. He took a keen interest to understand the air pollution and health related risks for the people of the city and also spoke about his increased commitment to ensure cleaner air for the people for the city.

Many doctors shared their experiences from their clinical practice on the impact of Air Pollution on health of people.

During discussions, the participants also spoke about the pollution hotspots in the city and sought to find solutions to deal with the problem in the city and surrounding areas.

Mayor of Jaipur Shri. Vishnu Lata along with the core team of Doctors under the Rajasthan Chapter of Doctors for Clean Air made the announcement of Jaipur City joining the BreatheLife 2030 network spearheaded by WHO. All the participants signed a pledge board for working towards clean air for future generations.